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Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) builds the power of communities of color and lower-income communities to eradicate environmental racism and classism and achieve environmental justice.

Boston REACH Coalition

This coalition has earned an outstanding reputation in the local and public health community for its work in raising awareness of racial and ethnic health disparities, educating the public about health issues that affect the Black community in Boston, and for its credible partnerships with community members, policymakers, faith-based leaders, and academic institutions.

Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T.

This portal provides access to data and resources that can help planners, program staff, and researchers to design, implement, and evaluate evidence-based cancer control programs.

CDC Community Guide

The federally sponsored Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Community Guide provides public health decision makers with recommendations regarding population-based interventions to promote health and to prevent disease, injury, disability, and premature death. It is appropriate for use by communities and healthcare systems.

Healthy People 2020

Healthy People 2020 is a set of health objectives for the nation to achieve over the first decade of the new century. It can be used by many different people, states, communities, professional organizations, and others to help them develop programs to improve health.

The Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (IUHRP)

The IUHR was founded in response to serious and largely unmitigated disparities in the level of overall health and health care found in urban populations, particularly those of the urban poor, African-American, and Latino communities.


With the Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile (MassCHIP), you can obtain community-level data to assess health needs, monitor health status indicators, and evaluate health programs. This dynamic, user-friendly information service provides free, online access to these and many other health and social indicators.

NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

This National Cancer Institute (NCI) site includes funding opportunities, information, resources, and current studies in the areas of genetic, epidemiologic, behavioral, social, and surveillance cancer research.

NCI’s Pink Book

This online book is a revision of the original Making Health Communication Programs Work, first printed in 1989 and developed by the National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) Office of Cancer Communications (now the Office of Communications). It was created to guide communication program planning.

Public Health Geocoding Project

This project provides an introduction to geocoding and using area-based socioeconomic measures with public health surveillance data, based on the work of the Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Society, Human Development, and Health.

The Praxis Project

This project is a national nonprofit organization that builds partnerships with local groups to address the health gap facing communities of color.

Updated on November 12, 2015
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